DICCIMA Group was established as an independent enterprise, with no affiliation to international bodies and Chambers of Commerce, while taking into consideration the increasing expansion of commercial activities and commercial and international regulations. The objectives of this group include:

1- Creating a suitable space for introduction of people, companies, and commercial groups, where their products and services can be showcased ;
2- Paving the way for investment and attracting investors in various sectors ;
3- Creating a suitable platform for collaboration of and communication between members;
4- Cooperation with Chamber of Commerce of other countries in order to improve and expand commercial activities;
5- Offering commercial tours and visit to international exhibitions and active companies;
6- Working with scientific and educational institutions and companies active in the field of commerce in order to hold both online and classroom-based legal and commercial courses;
7- Providing counseling services on legal and commercial matters;
8- Creating an appropriate context for conducting the auctions and tenders of companies and organizations;
DICCIMA Management

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